• showing consideration for the needs of other people

  • showing careful consideration or attention

I help to create thoughtful and meaningful places, spaces, and programming by carefully considering the needs of the community. My process is transparent, authentic, and inclusive ensuring client and broader community needs are met/exceeded within the scope of each project.

Once implemented, the projects are usually the first of their kind in the community and add a richness and depth to the visual stories being represented in the public realm. These site-specific works go beyond beautification and revitilization sharing layered stories of place - many of which have been hidden or buried until now.


My hope is to create safe spaces for all voices to be heard  and to guide placemaking efforts by sharing the varied and complex stories of place. Ultimately, creating a community identity that is unique, authentic and fosters a sense of belonging for all.

Why Thoughtful Place Design?

"Lacey McRae Williams is an incredibly engaging facilitator, dedicated to transforming the input of participants into concrete results. Her formal training as an Urban Planner brings knowledge of current best practices AND structure to the ‘herding of thoughts and ideas’ that must occur in good community planning. As an artist she seeks, and draws out, creative solutions and strategies from participants. As witnessed by her work on the Ladysmith Public Art Strategy, she is able to produce great results even under the pressure of tight timelines."

Marsh Stevens

Councillor, Town of Ladysmith, BC

"In my previous home of Kaslo I was chair of the newly formed Public Art Committee, our group was responsible for developing and recommending policy to village council. We moved to Ladysmith in September 2017, shortly after which I had a chance to give input on my new home town’s Public Art Strategy Initiative, headed by Lacey McRae Williams of Thoughtful Place Design. Promotion of this project was thorough and inclusive, encouraging everyone from children to elders to give their ideas and opinions. Creative ideas, such as the Send A Postcard and setting up displays at the schools and at the recreation centre enabled the entire community to have their say. The public forums were all well attended and the process appeared open and transparent.

In reading the Final Report submitted to Ladysmith town council, it was clear that this strategy was efficient and concise. I believe the success of this report was in large part due to Lacey and the implementation of her intelligent future thinking visions."

Pamela Griffin

Ladysmith resident


Lacey McRae Williams,  Founder & Principal

Thoughtful Place Design

Public Art. Community Planning. Urban Design.

Ladysmith, BC Canada